Global Cultural Learning (IS 202.0)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
IS 202 02 January 2018 Martin Gaal
IS 202 01 September 2017 Martin Gaal
IS 202 02 January 2017 Martin Gaal
IS 202 02 January 2016


This zero credit unit course is designed to recognize global experiential learning acquired by students through various means deemed valid by the Program Director or Coordinator/Administrator, including: (a) studying abroad; (b) completing an internship abroad with a bona fide international, regional or local organization; or (c) working or serving abroad with any governmental or non-governmental agency or corporate entity. An alternative means of meeting the global experiential learning requirements of this course is to serve as an intern or a volunteer for at least sixty hours with any agency or company that deals with international issues, relations, immigrants, or international students, or any other organization that provides students with learning opportunities that provide them with valuable insights on global issues deemed valid by the program Director or Coordinator/Administrator. In addition to experiential learning, this course will also provide students with materials and assignments related to cultural learning designed to develop what is commonly referred to as cultural competency.

Permission of the department is required.


This is a required course in the Certificate of Proficiency in Global Studies program. Contact the Department of Political Studies for more information and permission to register.

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