Studying in Science (INTS 102.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
INTS 102 01 September 2017 Stavros Stavrou
INTS 102 03 September 2017 Stavros Stavrou
INTS 102 91 September 2017 Sandra Bonny
INTS 102 02 July 2017 Julie Thompson
INTS 102 91 September 2016 Sandra Bonny


This course provides beginning undergraduate students with a core set of essential skills and academic strategies to bring their personal strengths forward for success in science and related professional programs. Key topics which will be explored through a combination of lecture and experiential learning include the nature of science, methods of discovery and communication in science, methods of teaching and evaluation used in the sciences, writing for the sciences, and forms of reasoning and argumentation (including mathematics) that are foundational to scientific literacy.


Students must have completed fewer than 60 credit units including not more than 15 credit units from ACB, ASTR, BIOC, BIOL, BMSC, CHEM, CMPT, EP, GEOL, MATH, MCIM, PHPY, PHYS, STAT, TOX, or any GEOG courses that have been identified as ?Science Program Type? courses.


INTS 102 is complementary to INTS 100 Strategies for Academic Success, with limited overlap in content.

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