Aboriginal Self-Determination (INDG 410.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
INDG 410 01 September 2018 Bonita Beatty
INDG 410 01 September 2017 Bonita Beatty
INDG 410 01 September 2016 Bonita Beatty


The course examines a range of contemporary issues relating to the conceptual foundations of Aboriginal Self Determination. Historically, the Aboriginal ?Way of Life? had spiritual roots and encompassed all of life, and this holistic perspective continues to influence modern developments in varying degrees. This class will introduce students to the Cree concept of Mitho Pimachesowin (ability to make a good living) and its application to contemporary initiatives in Aboriginal Self Determination. It will also explore its related elements of autonomy, kinship, work ethic, respect, responsibility and resilience.


Students with credit for NS 410 or NS 498.3 Aboriginal Self Determination Through Mitho-Pimachesowin (Ability to Make a Good Living) may not take this course for credit. This course was labeled NS 410 until 2015.


18 credit units NS or INDG or permission of the instructor

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