Indigenous Economic and Social Participation in the Fur Trade (INDG 341.3)

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This course offers Indigenous perspectives of economic, social, and cultural aspects of the Aboriginal fur trade in Western Canada particularly in the subarctic geographical area. Through lectures, readings, films, and assignments students will become familiar with various interpretations of the western Canadian fur trade and its role in Aboriginal economies, and cosmologies. Emphasis will be placed on the numerous ways that Indigenous Peoples participated in and shaped the fur trade to suit their needs. It will emphasize economic changes and adaptations made by participating Plains and Plateau Aboriginal groups. It will highlight the roles of women who through familial liaisons with European traders contributed their labour as wives, mothers, guides, interpreters, and provisioners. The impact of European disease will also be discussed.


Students with credit for NS 341 or NS 398 Indigenous Peoples and the Fur Trade may not take this course for credit. This course was labeled NS 341 until 2015.


NS 261 or INDG 261, NS 262 or INDG 262, and 6 credit units 200-level NS or INDG course

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