Survival of Aboriginal Family (INDG 255.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
INDG 255 02 January 2018 Damien Lee
INDG 255 C16 January 2018 Michelle Hogan
INDG 255 E94 January 2018 Lois Edge
INDG 255 U16 January 2018 Leah Dorion
INDG 255 C16 January 2017 Rose Roberts
INDG 255 E94 January 2017 Unknown Unknown
INDG 255 U16 January 2017 Leah Dorion
INDG 255 02 January 2016
INDG 255 U16 January 2016


Studies the adaptations and persistence of family as the fundamental unit of social and political organization of Aboriginal society from mid-19th century to the present. Topics to be considered are kinship, marriage, birth culture, child rearing, rites of passage, education, and interface with Canadian institutions and mainstream cultural expectations. Format is lectures, readings, seminars, guest speakers, film and research.


Students with credit for NS 298 Cultural Survival of Aboriginal Family or NS 255 may not take this course for credit. This course was labeled NS 255 until 2015.


NS 107.3 or INDG 107.3 and 3 additional credit units from ANTH, ARCH, ECON, GEOG, INDG, LING, NS, POLS, PSY, SOC, or WGST

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