Digital Culture Capstone (INCC 401.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
INCC 401 02 January 2018 Jonathon Bath
INCC 401 02 January 2017 Jonathon Bath
INCC 401 02 January 2016


A capstone design course in which advanced principles of history, theory, and design are applied to a suitable interdisciplinary project in new media creation and commentary. The course, which builds upon the foundations established throughout the course of study, focuses on approaches to be taken in defining project objectives and scope, researching suitable contexts, and designing and implementing a new media project. Design philosophy and methods are discussed and explored in the context of the particular assignment. The course requires that the students work in groups to achieve a unified production, which may include a formal essay in addition to blogs, digital films, art, and/or soundscapes published online. Group interaction and performance is monitored throughout. When possible, guest lectures from various industrial and other representatives will be provided to enhance the student's design experience.


75 credit units including INCC 210.3.


This is the capstone course for the Minor in Digital Culture and New Media. Students should have completed the majority of courses required for the minor prior to taking this course.

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