Digital Storytelling and New Media Poetics (INCC 311.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
INCC 311 01 May 2016
INCC 311 02 January 2016


Digital stories are expressed through a variety of media, including visual, verbal, interactive, textual, and acoustic elements. This emerging genre employs many different techniques and platforms, including interactive programing, social computing, hypertexts, narrative games, screencasts, animations, slideshows, digital films, or any combination of a number of multimedia formats to tell stories. In this course you will create your own digital narrative or poetry. Digital Storytelling and New Media Poetics is offered in partnership with Sage Hill Writing Experience so that students benefit from learning alongside creative practitioners from an expert in multimedia design and storytelling. Instruction occurs within a deep-immersion and intense 10 days in the spring or summer.


INCC 210.3; or permission of the instructor.


This course may be offered off-campus, outside of Saskatoon. This is an intensive course attendance is mandatory. There will be a program fee to cover costs of food and accommodation.

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