Human Dimensions of Natural Hazards (INCC 280.3)

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This course introduces students to the different types of natural hazards -- beneath and at the Earth?s surface and within the atmosphere -- that pose risk to human populations and infrastructure while impacting the natural environment. Although intended to introduce students to this topic in a global context, this course has a primary focus on events relevant to Canadian environments. The course will explore (1) naturally-occurring and anthropogenic processes responsible for different types of natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, coastal erosion and/or flooding; (2) how and why human populations and infrastructure are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters, and (3) strategies for minimizing the impact of natural disasters through preparedness, community resiliency, and mitigation. The interdisciplinary nature of the course will be emphasized through learning activities that integrate scientific analysis with social, economic, and/or political issues affecting natural disasters.


Permission of the instructors or 24 credit units of which 6 credit units must be drawn from Science. GEOG 120, 125, 130; GEOL 108, 121; or NRTH 101 are recommended choices (NRTH 101 is not a Science course).

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