Digital Comm Design Intro (INCC 210.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
INCC 210 01 September 2017 Barbara Reimer
INCC 210 01 September 2016 Sonje Finnestad


This is a hands-on course focusing on the techniques and methods of digital communications and multimedia design. The modules for this methods course include Photoshop; Film & Film editing; Web 2.0 apps; html and basic website design. The course is primarily lab-based, with graded assignments for each module. The course is introductory, and provides a foundation on which to build further technical skills. There is no final exam as students will be marked on their labs and portfolio of work. The portfolio will be a CD or website that approximates what students would provide when applying for employment, and will be marked on the basis of organization of materials (user-interface design), language (appropriateness and clarity), and quality of technical production.


18 credit units including 3 credit units of ENG courses.


A 100-level ART course is recommended prior to or concurrent with this course.

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