Material Culture and Historical Communication in a Museum Setting (INCC 150.1)

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The purpose of this micro-course is to offer students an introduction to the use of material culture objects by museums to communicate the heritage and history of a past civilization/culture. The course will familiarize students with research and exhibition methods and theories surrounding the display of cultural artefacts in the museum setting. The Museum of Antiquities? collections and gallery will serve as the lab for this course, giving students hands-on access to diverse cultural artefacts. Students will then apply the knowledge and theory gained through class discussions towards the development of an exhibit storyboard and proposal for an object or objects in the Museum?s collections.


This course is offered over 6 weeks (2 hour seminar each week). Students with credit for ARCH 403 or CMRS 403 may not take this course for credit. Students with credit for INCC 150 may take ARCH 403 or CMRS 403 subsequently, for credit.

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