Emerging Creative Minds (INCC 121.1)

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The concept of ?creativity? has evolved through the centuries. For the Ancients, to create meant to imitate. Creativity has also been ascribed to divine inspiration. In our culture, creativity is equated with originality, novelty, surprise, and a certain kind of strategic intelligence. Edward de Bono writes, ?[m]ore and more creativity is coming to be valued as the essential ingredient in change and progress? (Lateral Thinking, 11). Recent years have witnessed a demystification of the concept of creativity. This micro-course facilitates, through various media (ie. writing, music, visual art, etc.) students? awareness of their own creative processes, creative agency, and ability to make something new. The course introduces students to some of the key tenets of creativity: inspiration, imagination, curiosity, risk, surprise, and problem solving.


Students may take this course more than once for credit, providing the particular focus of the course (for instance, social justice, song writing, visual art, etc.) differs substantially. Students must consult the Interdisciplinary Centre for Culture and Creativity to ensure that the topics covered are different.

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