Digital Literacy and Culture Designing for Print and Screen (INCC 110.1)

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INCC 110 02 January 2016


Designing a document, whether for print or for display on a screen, means more than just making it ?look good.? It is the designer?s job to make the document function better by capturing the viewer?s attention, highlighting important information, and removing any distractions, all with an eye towards more effectively communicating the document?s message. In this class we will discuss how graphic design principles can be used to improve visual communications, and we will learn to use industry-standard software for graphic design, Adobe Illustrator. After the initial introductory class, the course will be structured around students working through instructional videos on before class. Class time will be spent on discussion, expanding on the material presented in the videos, and applying the techniques.


This course will be offered in a 4 week period.

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