France in the Americas (HIST 410.3)

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HIST 410 01 September 2018 Robert Englebert
HIST 410 01 September 2017 Robert Englebert
HIST 410 02 January 2016


This course examines the history of French colonialism in the Americas from the first explorers and settlements to the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Weekly readings and seminar discussions explore a variety of historical themes designed to critically evaluate the French colonial experience and analyze the character of the French Empire in the Americas. Such themes include native-newcomer relations, empire and conquest, religion, slavery, women and gender, métissage, commerce, and the French in North America after the fall of New France. The French had a profound influence on the Americas, from the Maritimes to the Canadian Northwest, and as far south as New Orleans and the Caribbean. This class puts the Spanish, American, and British North American (Canadian) Empires into context, and sets a foundation for understanding the English/French divide in contemporary Canada and the rise of the Métis in Western Canada.


6 credit units of senior level HIST of which 3 credit units must be at the 300-level; or permission of the department


North America; Pre-1815

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