Digital History (HIST 396.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
HIST 396 02 January 2019 James Clifford
HIST 396 02 January 2017 James Clifford


Digital history, the application of new and emerging technologies to the study of history, is an exciting new historical methodology. In this course, we explore the literature on digital history, and then put theory into practice by digitally collecting, evaluating, and producing historical knowledge. Along with discussing what is digital history and how it is evolving, this course will introduce students to text mining, geographic information systems (GIS) and developing historical websites. How digital archives are changing how we preserve and research history. Students will get hands-on experience with a wide range of digital skills and use these new methods to develop a final digital history project.


3 credit units 200-level HIST courses

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