Pests Plagues Pox and Politics A History of Health Care in Canada (HIST 353.3)

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HIST 353 02 January 2019
HIST 353 02 January 2018
HIST 353 02 January 2016


This course explores the history of health care in Canada from the pre-contact period to the establishment of universal health insurance (Medicare). The focus of this course is on the politics of health care (who provides what care, to whom, and under what circumstances). This course will examine the provision of health care as it emerged from local forms of knowledge within various communities to professional knowledge delivered in private and public institutions. In addition, the course will examine the relationships among and between government, non-governmental and/or professional responses to infectious or acute diseases and their impact on various populations in Canada.


3 credit units HIST at the 200-level.


Post-1815; North America.

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