Rome Building and Living in the Ancient City (HIST 308.6)

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HIST 308 01 May 2018
HIST 308 03 May 2016


This 3-week intensive, lecture-seminar summer study abroad class takes place in Italy every two years and focuses on the study of the ancient city of Rome (8 century BCE to 4 century CE). Urban planning and development, architectural history, monuments and authority, aspects of life in the largest ancient metropolis, Christianity in urban space, are some of the subjects that we cover; first in the classroom, and then during site visits in the city of Rome. This course will benefit especially students who have taken classics, archaeology, CMRS, history or art and art history at the 100 and 200 levels, and who would like the opportunity to expand their knowledge of Rome, its urban culture and architectural history.


HIST 204


3 credit units HIST, CLAS, ARCH or ARTH, or 45 credit units at University and permission of the Instructor.


Pre-1815; Europe and Great Britain. Students who have received credit for HIST 204 will not receive credit for this course.

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