The Menace of Progress I Enlightenment Colonialism Dispossession (HIST 292.3)

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HIST 292 01 September 2018
HIST 292 01 September 2016


This course explores the process of, reasons for, and arguments about European colonialism from the 16th to the mid-20th centuries. It links European colonialism to changes in Europe itself, most especially ideas of progress linked to the Enlightenment and capitalist relations of production. The dispossession of marginalized populations in Europe, and the rationales used for such dispossession, are compared to rationales for colonialism and colonial dispossession. The violence of colonial dispossession in various locales in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and heightened racism are explored as is the trend towards a focus on colonial 'development' in the 20th century.


3 credit units HIST at the 100-level, or INTS 101, or 30 credit units of University.


Students with credit for HIST 289.6 may not take this course for credit; Other Regions.

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