Bringing Up the Bodies in History (HIST 253.3)

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HIST 253 02 January 2016


This course offers a smorgasbord of rich readings in (predominantly) Canadian body history. This area of study crosses many specialties within Canadian history, including but not limited to studies of women, gender, labour, the environment, sports, colonization and immigration. What unites this body of readings is that they begin with the premise that the body is a site of historical investigation and that bodies have histories. That is, as Mary Kosut and Lisa Jean Moore (Moore, Lisa Jean and Kosut, Mary. The Body Reader: Essential Social and Cultural Readings. (New York and London: New York University Press, 2010.): 1) assert, ?the body is the medium or raw material through which we navigate the world, but is also an entity that is invested with meanings.? This course explores the historical meanings of the body/ies, its/their representations, and experiences as it/they reflect and help constitute the ordering of gender, sexual, class, racial relations in Canada at particular points in history.


3 credit units HIST at the 100 level; or INTS 101; or 30 credit units of University.


Post-1815; North America.

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