British World 1450 to 1720 (HIST 240.3)

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HIST 240 02 January 2017 Erin Spinney


This course is intended as an introduction to the history of Britain and Ireland, the British Empire and the early modern period. Between the mid-fifteenth and late sixteenth centuries, the British kingdoms experienced transformations in culture, faith and politics that turned them into a more centralized and imperial polity; these reformations of state and church also generated economic and political upheaval and religious division. The regime inherited in the early seventeenth century by the first Stuart kings of Britain and Ireland subsequently collapsed in the mid-century troubles, and was replaced by a more ?confessional? state after the restoration of the monarchy. This state, itself reformed by a revolution in 1688, subsequently oversaw Britain?s remarkable global territorial gains during the following two centuries. The course will attend largely to the major political, religious and economic transformations which were the hallmarks of Britain?s experience of early modernity and the first British Empire.


Half of HIST 246.6


3 credit units HIST at the 100-level or INTS 101 or 30 credit units of university course credit


Pre-1815; Europe and Great Britain. Students with credit for HIST 242 or HIST 246 will not receive credit for this course.

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