Byzantium and the World 565 to 1453 (HIST 218.3)

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Despite the collapse of the former western Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman (or ?Byzantine? Empire) weathers fresh challenges presented by the rise of new peoples. These include the Slavs, Bulgars, Arabs united in Islam, Turks, and Normans as well as a resurgent Latin West under the leadership of the Pope. While medieval Byzantium begins to collapse under the pressure of its enemies, its vibrant culture, both in its religious expression as ?Orthodoxy? and its secular expression as ?Hellenism,? make the later Byzantine Empire a significant cultural and intellectual influence on the world from Orthodox Russia to the revival of Classical Studies in the Italian Renaissance.


3 credit units HIST at the 100 level, or INTS 101, or 30 credit units of university.


Pre-1815; Other Regions. Students with credit for HIST 215.6 may not take this course for credit.

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