Roman Empire (HIST 209.3)

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HIST 209 02 January 2019 Angela Kalinowski
HIST 209 W02 January 2019 Karin Tate
HIST 209 02 January 2018 Karin Tate
HIST 209 02 January 2017 Angela Kalinowski
HIST 209 02 January 2016


This course examines Rome under the rule of emperors, its chronological frame extending from circa 27 BCE to the time of Constantine in the 4th c CE. The first part of the course focuses on the establishment monarchy ? the rule of emperors- at Rome during the age of Augustus and the Julio-Claudians, since many features of imperial rule were fixed in this time, such as the emperor?s relations with the senate, the role of the members of the imperial household in the management of power, the nature of imperial patronage, and the diffusion of the imperial image. We will then turn to examine the effects of empire on the ruled at Rome and in the provinces, focusing on issues such Roman military and administrative presence in the provinces, economic exploitation, and the diffusion of Roman style spectacles and religious cult.


3 credit units HIST at the 100 level, or INTS 101, or 30 credit units of University.


Pre-1815; Europe and Great Britain. Students with credit for HIST 201.6 may not take this course for credit.

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