History Matters Topics in European History (HIST 194.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
HIST 194 C15 September 2019 Clay Burlingham
HIST 194 96 January 2019
HIST 194 W02 January 2019
HIST 194 W10 January 2019
HIST 194 W20 January 2019
HIST 194 W40 January 2019
HIST 194 W50 January 2019
HIST 194 C15 September 2018
HIST 194 96 January 2018
HIST 194 C16 January 2018
HIST 194 96 January 2017
HIST 194 C16 January 2017
HIST 194 C51 September 2016


Courses offered under this heading examine focused topics in European History. These courses explore historical issues, events, or trends of importance in European history. The courses are designed to provide a basic understanding of the historical narrative from multiple perspectives, to explore how and why such narratives have been constructed the way they have been, and?through such explorations?to introduce students to ?thinking historically?. Lectures will explore historical narratives, their genesis, and the sources used to produce such narratives. Seminars will dig deeper into the tools and methodologies used by historians, provide instruction and practice in critical thinking and clear expression.


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