Synch Hard X-ray Absorp (GEOL 851.3)

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GEOL 851 01 September 2017 Ingrid Pickering
GEOL 851 01 September 2016


X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), a primary technique of the Canadian Light Source synchrotron, provides local molecular and electronic structure of specific chemical elements in any matrix. XAS can be applied with little pre-treatment of the sample and can be used to answer fundamental chemical questions about almost any sample or system, from soils and rocks to intact biological tissues to purified proteins or chemicals. The course will include a description of the physical principals underlying XAS, practical aspects of experimental technique, details of data analysis and some common pitfalls and difficulties. This course will equip students with a practical working knowledge of the technique and its capabilities, with examples drawn from the chemical, biomedical and environmental sciences.

Permission of the instructor is required


Students cannot receive credit for both GEOL 451 and GEOL 851.

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