Intro Applied Geophysics (GEOL 384.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
GEOL 384 02 January 2018 Todd LeBlanc
GEOL 384 02 January 2017 James Merriam
GEOL 384 02 January 2016


Principles and methods of geophysics; their use in the interpretation of crustal structures of both tectonic and stratigraphic origin; their role in locating probable centres of mineral concentration; their application to problems in engineering geology.


GEOL 258; MATH 110, and (MATH 112 or 116); PHYS 155 or (PHYS 115 and (PHYS 117 or 125)). (Students other than Geology majors who do not have all of the prerequisites may be accepted on written approval of the Geology Department).


Students with credit for GEOE 333, 334 or 335 or GEOL 334 or 335 may not take this course for credit.

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