Seismology and Radar Methods (GEOL 335.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
GEOL 335 02 January 2018 Igor Morozov
GEOL 335 02 January 2017 Wubing Deng
GEOL 335 02 January 2016


Introduction to seismological and ground penetrating radar methods; their integration with other geophysical techniques. Application of geophysical measurements to geological engineering, groundwater, and prospecting problems.


CMPT 116 or 111 or 141; MATH 223 or 225 or 276; MATH 224 or 226 or 238; (PHYS 115 and PHYS 117) or (PHYS 115 and 125) or PHYS 155.


Students with credit for GEOE 333 or 335 may not take this course for credit. These courses have not been offered for more than ten years as of 2012. *Geophysics students intending to take CMPT 116 must contact the geophysics program advisor before they will be allowed to register.

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