Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks (GEOL 245.3)

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GEOL 245 01 September 2016 Maria Mangano , Luis Buatois (primary instructor)


Provides a general introduction to sedimentary rocks, sedimentary processes, and the depositional environments in which these rocks form. Stratigraphic concepts are introduced with specific reference to the relationship between sedimentary rock units. Laboratories focus on the identification of sedimentary rocks and structures in hand specimen.


GEOL 121; and PHYS 115 or PHYS 155; and CHEM 112 or CHEM 114; and MATH 110 or MATH 123.


Students with GEOG 120 or 112 instead of GEOL 121 may take this course with permission of the department. Students with credit for GEOL 243 may not take this course for credit.

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