Earth Processes (GEOL 121.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
GEOL 121 02 January 2017 Joyce McBeth (primary instructor)
GEOL 121 96 January 2017
GEOL 121 E40 January 2017 Meagan Gilbert (primary instructor)
GEOL 121 01 September 2016 William Patterson (primary instructor)
GEOL 121 03 September 2016 Chris Holmden (primary instructor)
GEOL 121 01 May 2016 Tim Prokopiuk (primary instructor)
GEOL 121 02 May 2016 Melvyn Stauffer (primary instructor)
GEOL 121 02 January 2016 Matthew Lindsay (primary instructor)
GEOL 121 96 January 2016 Karla Panchuk (primary instructor)
GEOL 121 E40 January 2016 Meagan Gilbert (primary instructor)


Follows the same lectures as GEOL 108. The laboratory component satisfies the requirements of students in Program Type C (B.Sc. programs). Students in the College of Education who wish to take a course in Earth Science and require a laboratory component are advised take this course.


Students with credit for GEOE 118, GEOL 103, 105, 108, or 110 may not take this course for credit.

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