Selected Topics in Physical Geography (GEOG 490.3)

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GEOG 490 02 January 2017
GEOG 490 01 September 2016
GEOG 490 02 January 2016


Students will work on theoretical or practical research projects under the supervision of a faculty member. An outline of the project must be submitted to the course coordinator in the term preceding registration and be approved before Departmental permission will be granted. An oral presentation and written report submitted at the end of the project will be evaluated by a faculty committee.

Permission of the department required.


One of GEOG 325, GEOG 328, GEOG 335, GEOG 351, GEOG 427 or GEOG 435; and GEOG 390.

Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s)

GEOG 302.

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