Development in Canadian North (GEOG 381.3)

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GEOG 381 W01 September 2017 D Goode
GEOG 381 W01 September 2016 D Goode
GEOG 381 W11 September 2016
GEOG 381 W15 September 2016
GEOG 381 W21 September 2016 D Goode
GEOG 381 W41 September 2016 D Goode
GEOG 381 W51 September 2016


Explores the importance of the Canadian North to the Canadian Identity and examines the issues and challenges facing the region. Major topics include resource development, environmental issues, community development, and the evolving role of First Nations, Métis and Inuit in the decision-making process.


GEOG 280; or permission of the instructor.


This course is offered online through the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education only.

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