Global Climate Change (GEOG 333.3)

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GEOG 333 02 January 2019
GEOG 333 02 January 2018
GEOG 333 02 January 2017


Earth?s climate is constantly changing in response to influences forced upon it by natural systems and human actions. It is expected that current and future climate changes will have a strong influence on human populations, society, and development. This course will describe how humans predict future climate changes and how we can mitigate or adapt to those changes. Major topics discussed in this course will focus on the politics and economics of climate change and how these can help, or hinder, our attempts to manage climate change. More direct attempts, through geoengineering and weather modification, will be addressed as well.


GEOG 233 or permission of the instructor


Students with credit for GEOG 398.3 Climate Change may not take this course for credit

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