History of French Civilization (FREN 251.3)

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FREN 251 01 September 2016 Stella Spriet


This course is designed to study French civilization from the Middle Ages through the 19th Century. The historical, political, social and artistic evolution of France will be brought to light through the study of different texts such as historical testimonies, novels, or comics. The first part will be devoted to the Medieval and Early Modern period in France, particularly the reigns of Kings Clovis, Charlemagne, François I and Louis XIV, the Sun King. We will then study the changes associated with the French Revolution and Napoleon?s coup d?état. Finally, we will focus on Modernity, particularly the era of prosperity and the institutions developed during the 3rd Republic. Important elements of French culture will also be examined such as the construction of certain monuments (Versailles, the castles of the Loire Valley), fashion or cuisine. This course is taught in French.


FREN 125 or permission of the department.

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