Advanced French I (FREN 212.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
FREN 212 01 September 2018 Landry Bikie Nemi
FREN 212 61 September 2018 Tania Duclos
FREN 212 02 January 2018 Romain Chareyron
FREN 212 62 January 2018 Heather Wagg
FREN 212 01 September 2017 Landry Bikie Nemi
FREN 212 61 September 2017 Tania Duclos
FREN 212 62 January 2017 Cheryl Soulodre
FREN 212 01 September 2016 Landry Bikie Nemi
FREN 212 03 September 2016 Marie-Diane Clarke
FREN 212 61 September 2016 Cheryl Soulodre


A French language course that builds on skills acquired in FREN 122, 125 or equivalent. Some oral work, but emphasis is placed on the practical application of grammar through reading and writing. A contemporary register of language, vocabulary and style is stressed through the study of magazines, journals and newspapers.


FREN 202.


FREN 125.


Students who have graduated from a French Immersion program in high school are eligible to register in this class. Please contact the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultural Studies to receive a prerequisite override.

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