Kinetics and Thermodynamics (EP 370.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EP 370 01 September 2018 Kathryn McWilliams
EP 370 01 September 2017 Kathryn McWilliams
EP 370 01 September 2016 Amandeep Bains


Calorimetry, thermal expansion, heat transfer and the empirical gas laws. Kinetic theory of gases: specific heats, Boltzmann distribution. Mean free path and transport phenomena. Zeroth, first and second laws of thermodynamics. Entropy and heat engines.


PHYS 252.

Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s)

MATH 224 or MATH 226 or MATH 238.


Students with credit for EP 271 will not receive credit for this course. This course was labeled EP 271 until 2014.

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