Modern Physics Laboratory II (EP 353.2)

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EP 353 01 September 2016 Brian Zulkoskey (primary instructor)


This laboratory course focuses on experiments to observe and measure radioactivity. Students will learn to work with Geiger-Muller counters, Gamma spectrometers and Beta spectrometers. They will also measure properties of radioactive elements and beams. There will be five experiments and students will need 3 hours per experiment. For each experiment there will also be a 2 hour lecture.


PHYS 353

Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s)

PHYS 352 or PHYS 255 or PHYS 383


Students with credit for PHYS 381 or PHYS 353 may not take this course for credit. To facilitate registration, students must register for the prerequisite course prior to registering for EP 353, even if the two courses will be taken in the same term.

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