Washington Center Topics in Economics (ECON 379.3)

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Will cover topics in Economics, offered by the Washington Center, Washington D.C. Possible topics include How Washington Really Works - Government and Business in the New Economic Reality, International Business: The Middle East, Ethical Behavior in Organizations, Integration in the Americas - Decision Time: Challenges & Opportunities in a Competitive Global Environment, From Ideas to Action: The Anatomy of Entrepreneurship, Global Markets and International Business Strategies, International Business - Case Studies in the Strategic Management of International Trade Affairs, Project Management and Development, Science Policy and Its Challenges, Issues of Immigration and Contemporary Debates, U.S. and China in the 20th and 21st Century, Global Policy Issues: The U.S., China and the World, U.S. - China Bilateral Trade Relationship, or other topics approved by the Department of Economics.


60 credit units of university level study including 6 credit units senior ECON.


Registration in this course is restricted to students selected for the Washington Center Term Abroad program.

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