Practicum II Public Perform (DRAM 310.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
DRAM 310 01 May 2017 Carol Greyeyes


This Capstone course for the wÓcÍhtowin - Aboriginal Theatre Program provides the opportunity to apply performance techniques and skills, the theory and practice of writing for the theatre, basic theatre design and production concepts, and the skills required for production coordination, stage and house management, in a public performance. The course requires prior knowledge of general acting, playwriting, technical and design skills and in particular, skills that are acquired in the two-year culturally-based wÓcÍhtowin - Aboriginal Theatre Program. DRAM 310 requires a minimum of 25 hours of production work beyond class and lab/practicum hours [note: listed as "Other" in the "Meeting Hours" segment of the "Course Proposal" document]. Students should avoid taking other courses (and especially evening classes) when enrolled in DRAM 310 because of the demands of production set-up, rehearsals, and evening performances. The course features four live performances of a collaboratively developed new production, showcasing the techniques and skills gained over the course of wÓcÍhtowin - Aboriginal Theatre Program (Certificate of Proficiency Program).


DRAM 219, DRAM 322, or by approval of Department.

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