Practicum I Indigenous Performance Methods (DRAM 211.3)

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DRAM 211 01 July 2016


Indigenous culture and world views are explored by using the ?communicative method? fundamental to the field of language instruction. This course is divided into three distinct modules: "Acquisition," "Application," and "Expression." Module One, "Acquisition," uses immersion techniques to introduce students to an Indigenous language via a practical and expressive approach. Module Two, "Application," focuses on the application of an Indigenous language to various methods of creative expression: oratory, storytelling and especially performance arts and focuses on both individual and group exercises. In Module Three, "Expression," students develop, rehearse and present individual and group-generated creative works completely driven by the specific Indigenous language explored in Modules One and Two. The course is delivered in an integrated approach?a combination of seminars, and lab/practicum sessions. Language and cultural specialists, elders, traditional Knowledge Keepers, guest lecturers/artists, enrich this course through socio-cultural activities intended to provide a foundation for the exploration of contemporary Indigenous world views and cultural arts.


DRAM 119 and permission of the instructor.

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