Texts and Themes (CMRS 401.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CMRS 401 61 September 2018 Sarah Powrie
CMRS 401 01 September 2017 Frank Klaassen
CMRS 401 61 September 2016 Sarah Powrie


Many aspects of medieval and renaissance culture had their roots in the Greco-Roman Classical period. Detailed study of a selected text or theme and related scholarship aims to deepen understanding of cultural continuity and change between the three periods. Texts and themes will change yearly. Please consult CMRS homepage: http://www.artsandscience.usask.ca/cmrs/.


CMRS 110 and CMRS 111, or INTS 101.12, or permission of the program director.


Pre-1815; Europe and Great Britain. Students may take this course more than once for credit, provided the topic covered in each offering differs substantially. Students must consult the Department to ensure that the topics covered are different.

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