Project Design and Implement (CMPT 405.2)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CMPT 405 01 January 2018 Dwight Makaroff
CMPT 405 01 September 2017 Dwight Makaroff
CMPT 405 01 January 2017 Nadeem Jamali
CMPT 405 01 September 2016 Nadeem Jamali
CMPT 405 01 January 2016


Senior students apply engineering and scientific methods to develop a major computer system or system component. Students work individually or in teams and are supervised by a faculty member specializing in the area. Students prepare and present interim and final reports on their project.

Permission of the department required.


In the final year of an Honours Program; or a cumulative percentage average of at least 70% in 24 credit units in computer science.

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