Images of China in Film (CHIN 233.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CHIN 233 01 September 2018 Eleanor Shia
CHIN 233 01 September 2017 Eleanor Shia
CHIN 233 01 September 2016 Eleanor Shia


This course surveys examples from Chinese cinema that can be seen to define some of the principal contours of Chinese culture viewed both from within and beyond the borders of China. The course will be taught in English and all films are subtitled. Based on recommendations and students? own interests, additions can be made to the films highlighted in this class. Films will be approached through parallel investigations of contemporary studies of Chinese culture and society, Chinese language and history, cross-cultural studies with a focus on China, and the development of a national Chinese national cinema.


Completion of 30 credit units at the university, or permission of the department.


This course may not be used to fulfill the Language requirement in Arts & Science programs.

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