Bio Organic Chemistry (CHEM 255.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CHEM 255 02 January 2017 Christopher Phenix (primary instructor)
CHEM 255 01 September 2016 David Palmer , Maria Pedras (primary instructor)
CHEM 255 02 January 2016 Edward Krol , David Palmer , Michel Gravel (primary instructor)


Intended to give insight into the specific and fundamental role of organic reactions occurring in nature, to students of all scientific disciplines who have been introduced to organic chemistry and to the life sciences. The emphasis will be on the patterns of reactivity among natural products, rather than on the biochemical roles that these molecules play. The laboratory will introduce students to experimental approaches to biomimetic, biological and pharmaceutical chemistry.


CHEM 250.


CHEM 115 and BIOC 200 recommended. Students with credit for CHEM 251 may take CHEM 255 for credit. Students with credit for CHEM 252 may not take CHEM 255 for credit.

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