General Chemistry II Chemical Processes (CHEM 115.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
CHEM 115 02 January 2017 Lee Wilson (primary instructor)
CHEM 115 04 January 2017
CHEM 115 01 September 2016 Richard Bowles (primary instructor)
CHEM 115 02 May 2016 Pearson Ahiahonu (primary instructor)
CHEM 115 02 January 2016 Stephen Urquhart (primary instructor)
CHEM 115 04 January 2016 Pearson Ahiahonu (primary instructor)


Chemical reactions, including the rates and energetics of reactions and specific types of reactions. Topics include stoichiometry, chemical reactions, chemical kinetics, equilibrium, specific reactions, and thermodynamics.


CHEM 111, 112 or 114.


The introductory CHEM courses were changed in 2002. Students with credit for CHEM 111 may take CHEM 115.

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