Extended Research Project Bio (BIOL 481.6)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
BIOL 481 01 September 2018 Kenneth Wilson
BIOL 481 01 January 2018 Kenneth Wilson
BIOL 481 02 January 2018 Alec Aitken
BIOL 481 01 September 2017 Kenneth Wilson
BIOL 481 01 January 2017 Kenneth Wilson
BIOL 481 02 January 2017 Robert Clark
BIOL 481 01 September 2016 Kenneth Wilson
BIOL 481 01 January 2016


Laboratory and/or field project under the supervision of a faculty member. Student must obtain a supervisor who submits course outline (syllabus) to the Department Head. Written reports and an oral presentation will be required.

Permission of the department required.


BIOL 301 (may be taken concurrently). Restricted to fourth year Biology students with a minimum C.W.A. of 70% in Biology.

Attention Students must consult and discuss their research interests with a potential supervisor before registering for this course, preferably in the spring or early summer.


Students with credit for BIOL 480 cannot take BIOL 481 for credit. Agricultural Biology students may not take both BIOL 481 and AGRC 494 for credit. Those in College Scholar programs may not take this course in addition to another laboratory or field project designed under the program.

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