Limnology (BIOL 412.0)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
BIOL 412 01 September 2018
BIOL 412 01 September 2017
BIOL 412 01 September 2016
BIOL 412 L01 September 2016


Introduction to the ecology of lakes. The biological, chemical and physical properties of lakes are examined at lake and watershed levels. Theoretical and applied topics, including human impacts (e.g., eutrophication, climate change, ultraviolet radiation, contaminants, and angling) are examined. Laboratories and field trips provide training in limnological techniques.


BIOL 121, BIOL 228 (formerly BIOL 253) and CHEM 112; or permission of the instructor.


A course in statistics is recommended. Students with credit for BIOL 415 may not take this course for credit. There will be costs for a field trip in addition to tuition fees.

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