Life in the North (BIOL 314.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
BIOL 314 01 January 2019
BIOL 314 01 January 2017
BIOL 314 01 January 2016


An exploration of the natural history of organisms living in cold, northern environments. Topics focus on the special characteristics of northern environments and how organisms have adapted to life in those environments. Activities incorporate scientific and Indigenous knowledge of ecology, animal behavior, and human relationships with life in the North.


BIOL 121 and at least one of BIOL 228, PLSC 213, INDG 241, or GEOG 280.


BIOL 314 is delivered over the course of four weekends during the regular term. Students need to make themselves available for all of the scheduled course times and should consult with the Department of Biology in advance of registering for this course. Students may receive credit for only one of BIOL 312 or BIOL 314.

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