Sask Aboriginal Art History (ARTH 345.3)

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ARTH 345 01 January 2018 Felicia McCallum


A survey/seminar course that reviews the art history of Aboriginal peoples of Saskatchewan from the Artefact (pre-1700s), Transitional (1700-1900), to Modern-Contemporary (1900-today) periods. Works to be examined include rock art, architecture, pottery, pipes, shields, drums, painted robes, clothing, moccasins, bags, and mix-media Modern-Contemporary works. The design and subject matter of Aboriginal art are discussed within its specific cultural context of the time period, which includes values and beliefs associated with land, spirituality, mythology, and the influence of significant historical and social transitions. Course content will be reviewed through power point presentations, videos, group discussions and possibly, gallery/ museum field trips and guest artists.


3 credit units of ARTH or 3 credit units in Native Studies or Aboriginal courses from NS; IPJP; ANTH 224.3; ARCH 353.3, 457.3; HIST 264.3, 265.3, 266.3, 482.3; POLS 222.3, 322.3, 323.3, 422.3; SOC 219.3, 319.3, 341.3; EIND 380.3, 450.3.

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