Intro Canadian Art Architect I (ARTH 256.3)

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ARTH 256 01 September 2018 Grant McConnell
ARTH 256 02 January 2018 Grant McConnell
ARTH 256 02 January 2016


A survey course which reflects the great change in Canadian Art and Architecture from ancient aboriginal art to the origins of modernism in the late 19th Century. In this class we will consider the major accomplishments of pre-European art, Colonial Art and Architecture and the growing maturity of 19th Century cultural production. The art and architecture of Canada will be considered from the perspective of both particular outgrowth of this place as well as sharing similarity with the cultural forms of neighboring communities and imperial centres of production. The emergence in Canada of centres of artistic and craft production, cultural institutions and art and professional organizations will also be looked at.


ARTH 120 and 121.

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