Aboriginal Art History I (ARTH 253.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
ARTH 253 01 May 2016 Mary Longman (primary instructor)


An introductory survey of Aboriginal art history within the Canadian regions of the West Coast, Plateau, Western Sub-Arctic and Arctic.


3 credit units ARTH or Aboriginal cognate course INDG; IPJP; ANTH 224.3; ARCH 353.3, ARCH 457.3; ENG 242.3, ENG 335.3, ENG 338.3; HIST 264.3, HIST 265.3, HIST 266.3, HIST 482.3; POLS 222.3, POLS 322.3, POLS 323.3, POLS 422.3; SOC 219.3, SOC 319.3, SOC 341.3; OR other course on Aboriginal peoples approved by the course instructor.


This course is not offered every year.

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