Research and Thesis (SLSC 494.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
SLSC 494 01 January 2018 John Peak
SLSC 494 01 September 2017 John Peak
SLSC 494 01 January 2017 John Peak
SLSC 494 01 September 2016 John Peak
SLSC 494 01 January 2016


Students will investigate a problem in Soil Science using modern laboratory or field methods. An extensive literature review will be prepared utilizing electronic and library resources and a research question will be taken from the literature. The student will then develop a hypothesis, design experiments to test the hypotheses, and analyze and interpret their experimental results. Finally, a comprehensive thesis will be written and findings will be presented in a formal seminar or as a poster. Communication skills will be addressed in a series of lectures at the beginning of the course.


Successful completion of 75 credit units towards the B.S.A. Soil Science degree.

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