Soils for Horticulture (SLSC 14.6)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
SLSC 14 W01 September 2018 Lyle Cowell
SLSC 14 W02 January 2018 Lyle Cowell
SLSC 14 W03 January 2018 Lyle Cowell
SLSC 14 W01 September 2017 Lyle Cowell
SLSC 14 W02 January 2017 Lyle Cowell
SLSC 14 W03 January 2017 Lyle Cowell
SLSC 14 W06 January 2017
SLSC 14 W07 January 2017
SLSC 14 W01 September 2016 Lyle Cowell
SLSC 14 W05 September 2016
SLSC 14 W02 January 2016
SLSC 14 W03 January 2016
SLSC 14 W06 January 2016
SLSC 14 W07 January 2016


This course provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of Soil Science with specific reference to the study of Horticulture. The components of soil, their physical and chemical properties, and soil-water relationships will be the theoretical basis on which soil management and fertility will be considered. Synthetic and natural fertilizers and amendments, which improve soil physical properties, will be investigated. Potting media for greenhouse production are examined; however, the course emphasis is on natural soils.


It is recommended that students collect a sample of soil (the volume of an ice cream pail) from their garden or area for completion of course assignments. If soil cannot be collected, you may be able to purchase soil from a landscaping or greenhouse business.

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